Zombie Pics (with Gender Reveal)!

My terrifying fetus pal wants to eat your soul.

My terrifying fetus pal wants to eat your soul.

Earlier this week we did our 20-week ultrasound. Remember when I did the 12-ish week ultrasound and the Fetus Pal looked like the Mars Attacks! alien? Well, that’s still happening, but slightly more terrifying.

It took for fucking ever to get this adorable soul-eating zombie pic, and we had to use our good friend the transvaginal ultrasound once again (in spite of promises made at the last visit that they would be able to see everything they needed over the belly from now on). The Fetus Pal now has a long history of being stubborn during ultrasounds. The last time we saw hours of fetus ass while we were trying to get nasal bone measurements. This time we couldn’t see much of the head because the legs were up in the air in what I believe is generally referred to as the halasana, or plow pose, giving us a fabulous view of scrotum for miles.

How the Fetus Pal has situated himself in my uterus. Photo from www.yogajournal.com.

How Fetus Pal has situated himself in my person. Photo from http://www.yogajournal.com.

So, it turns out it’s a boy. The ultrasound tech printed out a picture of fetus penis and handed it to Andy to show the grandparents. She said with a thick (let’s say) Ukrainian accent, “Here is baby penis. Is 100% boy. You show picture to your mother and tell her ‘grandson.'” So that’s how it came to pass that Andy was walking around town with baby dick-pic on his person for the rest of the day. The tech went on to say, “I need measurement of face. Let’s see if I go over here and– No, is just more scrotum. I’m going to try like this and– No, just scrotum but from different angle this time.” It went on like that for about an hour and a half. It was super comfortable and sexy and not at all awkward, just like all transvaginal ultrasounds.

We were planning on keeping the baby’s sex a secret until it was born, but both of our moms were so sure that we were having a girl (because of something something psychic powers and the spirit world) that I was having a hard time keeping the news in. Also, if we didn’t let our moms know it was a boy soon, they would continue to set aside items for their inevitable granddaughter. The winner so far has been this lacy, leopard-print diaper cover. We’ve also received a pink, flowered beanie, and I just learned that a pink vintage doll was in the process of being lovingly restored. Now we can switch to the time-honored football/gun/grizzly bear/motorcycle motif that goes with having a grandson.

For Sexy Babies

For Sexy Babies

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